The information and resources made available on the K9 TECC website do not provide authorization for non-veterinary licensed personnel to practice veterinary medicine without the direct or indirect supervision from a licensed veterinarian. The available resources are intended to be used as a template and / or reference to assist each EMS / FIRE / LE agency in developing their own prehospital protocols and standing orders for rendering emergency lifesaving preveterinary care to OpK9s injured in the Line of Duty.


  • Each agency's guidelines and standing orders should be developed in collaboration and partnership with a veterinarian that is licensed in that state or region.
  • These resources are intended to be utilized ONLY:
    • For rendering emergency lifesaving care to Operational K9s injured in the Line of Duty when licensed veterarinary professionals are not readily available to render care, AND
    • By licensed or certified EMS paraprofessionals (EMTs, AEMTs, paramedics), law enforcement officers, and / or K9 Handlers in accordance with the level of their legal scope of practice for providing medical care to human casualties, and by the laws of their respective state's:
      • Veterinary practice act or statutes regulating veterinary medicine, AND
      • Practice acts or statutes of their respective profession (e.g., State EMS statutes)
    • By the aforementioned personnel that have received training in K9 anatomy, K9 first responder care, and K9 TECC procedures under the direction of a licensed veterinary professional or a professional veterinary training organization that employs a licensed veterinarian as a their medical director to oversee their training curriculum.

The "practice of veterinary medicine" is defined and governed on a state-to-state basis. The requirements and exemptions for practicing veterinary medicine may be found in the respective state's Veterinary Practice Act or in a section of the state's laws that regulates veterinary medicine.

CLICK HERE for further details regarding the primary implications of licensed EMS providers rendering prehospital aid to Operational K9s injured in the Line of Duty.